Saturday, February 26, 2011

Visiting Hong Kong, B.C.C. 1963
A USS Ranger (CVA-61)
Sailor Alan (a.k.a. Flower Child)

Seaman Alan F. E. Thiese is shown here as he visited Hong Kong during the 1963 Cruise to the Western Pacific of the USS Ranger (CVA-61)

This picture was taken by my Buddy (I always went on Liberty with a Shipmate) as I sat on a concrete/rock fence on top of Victoria's Peak.  In the lower background you can see a portion of Hong Kong.  The city in the top background is Kowloon.

I was twenty-three years old at the time this picture was taken.  I decided to publish this picture today as I set up the U. S. Navy Reunion Scheme for the next two years for the ships that I served in.

The USS Ranger Reunion will be held in Las Vegas this year from September 14th through September 17th.

The USS Sellers Reunion will be held in Jacksonville in 2012 on dates to be determined.

The USS John Paul Jones Reunion will be held in Charleston, SC in 2012 on dates to be determined.

The USS Hull Reunion will be in 2012 at a location to be announced.

It looks like 2012 will be a good year for travel.  I am looking forward to these reunions and the change to tell Sea Stories and enjoy the company of former Sellersmen, Hullmen and JPJmen.

The USS Ranger Reunion in Las Vegas should also be a great event.

Please note that the picture displayed above was first a 35MM Slide which I had reproduced to a print many years ago so I could place it on my Desk.  Today I scanned the print to a digital file so that I could post the picture here.  Please ignore the comment on the bottom right of the picture.

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