Friday, February 04, 2011

Why The Flower Child Lives In Georgia!!

This morning, a Sibling sent me an E-Mail letting me know the total impact of the Winter of 2010-2011 in the Midwest.  This is a view of a country road in Northeast Iowa.  To be specific, it is in Clayton County which is bordered on the East by the Mississippi River.

As you can quickly ascertain, the snow plows have been working overtime this Winter.  The photographer's shadow is present on the right hand side of this picture.

I did spend the first twenty-one years of my life in Clayton County, but I cannot recall the snow plowed out of the road with the piles of snow this high.  Let us all hope that the Spring 2011 thaws do not happen fast or we will all see Television News Coverage of terrible flooding in the Midwest and further on down in the Mississippi Valley.

Yes, I appreciate the fact that I do not now live in the Upper Midwest!!!!

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