Friday, February 11, 2011

"Running A Thousand Miles For Freedom"

On January 20, 2011 I posted an entry here about the Tuesday, January 25, 2011 event at The Historic Douglass Theatre here in Macon, Georgia.  This event which was part of a series entitled "Exploring The Color Line" sponsored by the Georgia Humanities Council, the Tubman African American Museum featured a Dramatization by the Tubman Outreach Teacher, Jeanette Wadell who resides in Hancock County Georgia.  Ms. Wadell delivered a dynamic story telling event portraying Ellen Craft who was one of two principals in the Book, "Running A Thousand Miles For Freedom."

In addition to the dramatization by Ms. Wadell we had to the opportunity to view a video clip by the Great Grand Daughter of Ellen Craft.  I appreciated the focus of this event and will sum them up here with two quotes:

"All Equal In The Eyes of God"

"God Desired 'Our' Freedom"

I realize that I was but one of many Middle Georgia citizens who attended this event but I felt that the consensus of opinion of the attendees was that the William and Ellen Craft Story about their trip from Macon, Georgia to Freedom should be a part of the studies our Middle Georgia Scholars are required know.  It is an important legacy and also a part of the heritage of everyone who resides here.  I would encourage everyone who desires to learn more about this couple and their flight to freedom and also their dedication to acquire an education to obtain the book entitled "Running A Thousand Miles For Freedom" which is available in the local libraries here in Middle Georgia.

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