Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011-2012 Presidential Campaign

United States of America

Candidate Herman Cain

Today I had the opportunity to visit the Georgia Republican Convention here in Macon, Georgia.  I went for the purpose of listening to Herman Cain's speech which was open to the public.

Herman Cain opened his speech with this quote:

"This County is on the wrong track, but we have an opportunity to put it on the right track."

I will not attempt to quote the entire speech, but will focus on key points.

"Real Leaders Fix Stuff."

"Lower Taxes are good for our Economy."

He listed four items to fix our Economy during Phase I of his Presidency.  Phase II was quickly summed up as "Implement the Fair Tax."

Regarding our Nation's Energy Policy:  "Drill Here, Right Now!!"

He invited everyone in attendance to a High Noon Announcement in the Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, May 21st.  He indicated that he expected at least 10,000 of his Friends to be there.

Regarding why he is seeking the Office of President he stated:

"We are all Blessed, we have a responsibility to make a difference."  "Everybody can do something for this great Nation!!"

On the birth of his first grand child he asked himself this question:

"What do I do to make this a better World, a better Nation?" 

 "It is not about us, but about the next generation."  "It is about Freedom."

He concluded the less than 20 minutes speech with this comment:

"We The People are still in charge of this Country."

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