Thursday, May 05, 2011

Cicada Research

On April 27, 2011 I posted an entry here regarding the Cicada here in Middle Georgia.  I also sent images of the insect to the Insect Department of the University of Georgia.

They are conducting research on this insect and asked me to publish the following information:

Thanks for the photo and the link to your blog. You sound like you are really interested in the novelty of this year’s cicada emergence. Several people have mentioned that they would like to contribute periodical cicada specimens to the Georgia Natural History Museum so that researchers can study this year’s population. If you and your blog readers are willing to do so, here are instructions for how to submit specimens (we ask that you send at least six adults, to provide a good sample).

If the cicadas are not already dead, put a half dozen of them in the freezer overnight to kill them compassionately.
Then wrap each one individually in tissue or cloth. Place them in a mailing tube or box with additional padding.
Include a note with your name, the town and county where they were collected, and the date of collection.

Ship them to the following address – and know that Georgia’s Natural History Museum greatly appreciates your donation.

Dr. Cecil Smith
178 Natural History Bldg.
Athens GA 30602

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