Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am usually rather calm in my interactions with members of our Society who think that they need the most recent decor or appliances in their homes.  I find it very interesting that so many in our Society think that things will give them happiness.

This past weekend as I viewed several Media events that covered "Memorial Day 2011" I saw the mourning that many among us do because they have lost a Hero who was in the Military defending our very way of life.

I would suggest that we have some among us who have misplaced the priorities that are important to each of us in our daily lives.

I observed Memorial Day by attending the Dedication of a Blue Star Memorial Marker on I-85 near West Point, Georgia.  I also enjoyed the company of my immediate Family on both Saturday and Sunday, May 28th and May 29th.  We enjoyed good food and fellowship.  That stated, we did not worry about the fixtures that surrounded us.

I would suggest that before anyone becomes a victim of their greed that they consider the situations of the Families who have lost heroes. 

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