Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In Side the Flower Child's

Garden Gate

Macon's Johnson's Garden Center

Several months ago anyone who has ever held a gardeners trowel or a spade in their hand was alarmed with the Newspaper Article that stated that Johnson's Garden Center would be closing.

Well the public outcry for a locally owned Garden Center caused the owner to reconsider the choice and today Johnson's Garden Center is in full operation.

As I prepared the garden's and the entrance way to our home here in West Bibb County for a Garden Club Meeting on Monday, May 9th I decided to obtain the necessary plants from Johnson's Garden Center.  Shown above are four delightful looking double begonias placed in Soldier Fashion on the front steps to greet the Garden Clubbers who would be present on May 10th.

The Gardens that surround the deck on the back of our Home contain many pots which also needed some color.  I could not pass up this delightful looking blooming plant.  I was searching for some color to adorn the back Gardens.

There were three other planters that needed a bit of color so I decided on three different coleus which can thrive in Sun light.  I noted that Johnson's Garden Center had many other plants and they all were in good health.  The Staff was also most helpful.  I acquired these eight plants in less than 30 minutes and was able to return home with plenty of time to finish the gardening.

I took these pictures on May 11th in the early Sun light.  The Garden Club Ladies were impressed with the quality of plant materials that I was able to acquire and enjoyed the colors that I selected.

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