Thursday, May 26, 2011

National Criminal Defense College

A Volunteer Opportunity

For the past five or six years I have volunteered to be a potential Juror at the National Criminal Defense College conducted right here in Macon, Georgia.  It is a program conducted at the Walter F. George School of Law on Macon's Historic Coleman Hill.  The Yearly events are conducted in June and July each Summer.  Lawyers from throughout the U. S. A. attend these two week events.

One of the first things they consider is how to select jurors.  On June 14th and July 19 of this Year the College will use local citizens as the Institute Leaders demonstrate and also allow the participants to practice their skills in the process known as "Voir Dire." 

I have enjoyed these afternoons where I am able to present my views on a large number of cases.  Each participant (potential juror) is in a pool that travels from court room to court room and the Leaders present a case and the College's Scholars are then able to question the participants in an attempt to select jurors that may be friendly to the case.

In addition to seeing how Defense Attorney's operate it is also a great opportunity to listen to the College's Classroom Leaders as they coach the College's Scholars.

I would encourage you to visit the National Criminal Defense College Website to learn more about this event:

I have already signed up for the 2011 Sessions.  If you are interested in serving as a potential juror for this exciting College I would suggest that you contact the Program's Administrator at:

(478) 746-4151

The dates for the volunteer jurors are:  June 14th and July 19th.  

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