Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yielding the Right of Way
for Emergency Vehicles

Last Evening, May 23rd in Macon Georgia I was traveling on Vineville Avenue in the right hand lane.  For those who do not reside in Macon please be aware that this is a three lane road with the middle lane reversable depending on the time of day.  At Noon the middle lane becomes a Northwest bound land to facilitate two lanes of traffic away from downtown Macon.  In the Morning the middle lane allows traffic to proceed toward downtown Macon.  This scheme allows for the most efficient way to carry the traffic during peak times.

It was about 8:55 P.M. and I notice a vehicle approaching me with blue lights flashing. I may have been about one half a mile from the intersection of Vineville Avenue with Forrest Hill Road.  It was in the one lane allowed for traffic at this time of day.  I immediately stopped because it was an emergency vehicle.

Once the emergency vehicle (police car) had passed I resumed travel.  Immediately the car that was behind me passed me with an aggressive style.  A second car also did.  I got the feeling that the operators of these vehicles were disturbed because I had delayed their travel.  One of these fine drivers was operating an automobile with Bibb Tags.  The other driver was operating an automobile with Monroe Tags.

I stop for emergency vehicles because it is the correct thing to do.  I would suggest that any operator of a vehicle consider these two questions when they are tempted to continue driving when an emergency vehicle is in the area:

  • How would you feel if you delayed a police car that was enroute to your Mom's Home where there was a rape in progress?
  • How would you feel if you delayed an ambulance that was enroute to an accident that involved your sixteen year old son?
I would suggest that if every driver kept these two questions in mind when they see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights  - that they would immediately pull over and stop.

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