Thursday, May 26, 2011

Decoration Day


Memorial Day
When I was a child on an Iowa Farm I always knew when it was Decoration Day.  My Mom would cut the peony blooms and place them in quart jars.  They would then be taken to the City Cemetery for placement at the tombstones of relatives.

 This year I will observe Memorial Day by placing Flowers in the Church where I worship.  The Decoration Day of my youth is now known as Memorial Day.

 I decided to capture some pictures of the red, white and blue blooms which are flowering in the Gardens around my home.  All of these shots were taken at about 6:30 P.M. as the clouds came in in preparation for a rain storm.  I was able to isolate the blooms by using the flash.

I could not resist taking this picture of a white mop head hydrangea.  The winds are picking up as I post this entry.  Hopefully we will get some much needed rain.

Have a Blessed Memorial Day Weekend.

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