Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Middle Georgia Challenge

Many readers here may recall that I often post a Challenge to ascertain who knows the minute details which abound in any area.  This Challenge is to post in the comments section the location of this marker.

I can say that it is within the City Limits of Macon, Georgia.  It is also in an area that is enjoyed by many local, as well as out of town visitors.

Please post your answer in the comment section below.  The first correct reply will receive a free lunch at a place to be determined by the Flower Child.  This Challenge will expire on Sunday, November 27th, 2011 at 2400 hours.


Pete Nicholls said...

Riverside Cemetary ... probably not that easy, huh?

Alan said...

It is not Riverside Cemetery.

Maybe I should add that it is close to downtown Macon, Georgia.

Pete Nicholls said...

OK ... How about Washington Park?

Alan said...


You are very correct. This tree is just to the right of the band stand for the concerts.

Well Done!!!

Call me on the land line so we can arrange the payoff.