Friday, November 25, 2011

What Next?

Paying to Watch Super Bowl Commercials!!

Yesterday, November 24, 2011 I observed this bundle on my drive way here in West Bibb County Georgia.  It turned out to be the "The Telegraph" which is printed in Columbus, Georgia and delivered in Macon and Middle Georgia.

I had never seen one single issue take this much space.  I knew to expect "Black Friday" flyers and as I opened the bag my expectations were true.  No problem with that.  This is free enterprise at work and the best of capitalism.  Letting potential customers know what will be on sale.

However, as I read my newspaper and stacked up all the "sales flyers" I recalled that on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 I had paid for an additional thirteen weeks of "The Telegraph."  No problem with that.   I usually renew my subscription every thirteen weeks.  Then I also remembered that somewhere on the renewal notice where I read that for the newspaper to be delivered on certain days that there would be an additional $1.00 charge.  If I recall correctly November 24, 2011 was one of the days where the $1.00 would be charged.

If my memory is correct I fear that when I receive my January 2012 Cox Communications Bill that I might also be charged an extra $1.00 for the opportunity to view the commercials during the Super Bowl which will air on February 5, 2012. 

Somehow this just does not seem appropriate.  The consumer being charged an extra fee to be able to stack "newspaper sales flyers" for great sales events or even worse, possibly being charged an extra fee to view coveted electronic media commercials for broadcast events which draw high viewing numbers.

I hate to even consider how the electronic media may now charge us "commercial fees" so that we can view and enjoy the 2012 Summer Olympics from London, England.

From my own point of view as a consumer and an avid reader of the print media and a viewer of the special events on the electronic media I do not appreciate being forced to pay for the advertising some may desire to charge me the customer for. 

I know, I know that I can terminate my print media subscription and if the electronic media follows the lead of the print media in charging to deliver commercials I can terminate my cable subscription.

However, somehow this does not seem to be the American way!!!!  By the way I support the concept of the free market; however I also support the opportunity to remain informed via the various media outlets that are available to the public.  In fact I also consider it my obligation as a citizen of this country to be informed; however having to pay for commercials seems to be very inappropriate.

I post this entry today to stimulate thinking and to also simply point out that we the general public may be considered a source of revenue who will allow this practice to happen. 

I know that there will be some who do not see the connection with the next picture as being appropriate to this post.  It is a picture of "Paperwhite Blooms and Rosemary Stems" which adorned the Thanksgiving Table at my home.  Please note that there is no additional charge to you for the opportunity to view my artistic side.

I grew these plants and assembled this informal arrangement for the enjoyment of Thanksgiving Holiday Guest.  I did not charge them either. However, should you so desire you can mail me a $1.00 fee for the opportunity to enjoy the above picture.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Not to many people in your position are so gracious. Your article was very poignant and understandable. It helped me to understand very clearly. Thank you for your help.

Norma said...

very interesting. I would not be happy either. Consumers should not stand for it. Businesses should pay the extra postage/handling fee.