Friday, November 18, 2011

Neel Reid Homes
Macon, Georgia
Part III

Today I continue my journey around Macon and feature another Post in the Series, Neel Reid Homes of Macon, Georgia.

This home is located at 114 Buford Place just off of Vineville Avenue.  It was constructed in 1915 for Albert Bach.  It was Neel's Commission # 266

347 College Street.  This building is known as Massee Apartments.  It was Commission # 534 and constructed in 1924 for W. J. and O. J. Massee.

 Please note the Baroque limestone entry and the bull's eye in the roof pediment.  The iron torcheres and door grills are from the original construction.

 397 College Street.  This home was transformed by Neel Reid in 1911.  The Commission # was 146.  This home was a brick, turreted Victorian Mansion prior to the transformation.

 A close up view of the entrance portico of the home at 397 College Street. 

In an earlier post I featured this home at 1238 Jefferson Terrace.  Here you see the renovation process includes a fence.

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