Saturday, August 03, 2013

Last evening, August 2, 2013 the Macon-Bibb County Parks and Recreation Department sponsored a viewing of this movie at Historic Luther Williams Field here in Macon, Georgia  Several scenes of this epic Movie were shot here in Macon during June of 2012.

I was an extra in this Movie and, even though I had already seen the movie and acquired the DVD, I took the opportunity to enjoy a "Date Night" with My Bride.  The movie was shown on the outfield and we procured our picnic from Ingleside Villiage Pizza.  We arrived early to obtain excellent seating in our lawn chair and blanket.  In addition to the Pizza we enjoyed popcorn and soft drinks which were sold at the entrance to the field.

Parks and Recreation had also set up Hoops to twirl, although we elected to let the younger crowd participate in this.  

Watching this Movie, again, in this setting made it very special.  While I did not count the attendees, I am confident that at lease a 1000 were in attendance.  The crowd consisted of all age groups and I think everyone in attendance enjoyed the performance.

What a great "Date Night" right here in Macon, Georgia

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