Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Moving Household Goods
A Discussion of Two Firms in this

Most of the readers here know that I served twenty one years in the U. S. Navy.  During the course of my Career I relocated from Washington, D.C. to London, England and of course back to Charleston, S.C. when I was assigned to Sea Duty onboard the USS Hull, a Destroyer.  From Charleston I was relocated to Macon, Georgia.  From Macon to Long Beach, California and then to San Diego, California.  My final move was from San Diego to back to Macon, Georgia where I retired some thirty-five years ago.

It would therefore stand to reason that I note moving vans during my travels in this great United States of America.  During my recent Holiday travels to the Great Upper Mid-West I observed two moving company vehicles that captured my attention.

Two Men and A Truck
All My Sons Moving & Storage.

The mantra for Two Men and A Truck is "Movers Who Care."  The mantra for All My Sons is "Your Friend in the Moving Business.  If I recall correctly I first observed the "Two Men and A Truck" many years ago, while it has only been recently that I have observed "All My Sons Moving and Storage."

Which brings an interesting question to my mind.  Is the All My Sons organization a spin-off of the Two Men organization.  If that is the case, how did Two Men accomplish that?  Did they have a woman or women involved.  Certainly something to consider.  Now, anytime I observe an "All My Sons" moving van I will surely contemplate how they came into being.

Admittedly this not an earth moving post, but it certainly provides material for your consideration and contemplation.  Have A Great Day!!!


Norma Thiese said...

I'm assuming that you know who works for Two Men & a Truck?

Alan said...

I was talking about who owns the company.