Saturday, August 24, 2013

Alan Thiese
the last
Forty-Three Years

While deployed in the USS Sellers (DDG-11) to the Mediterranean
Sea in 1971 the Captain decided to hold a Swim Call for All  Hands.
This picture is from the Cruise Book and the caption was "Mr. America."
Prior to being able to jump into the Sea the motor whaleboat was launched
with an Engineer, a Coxswain and a Gunner's Mate with a weapon to
kill any sharks that attempted to bother us as we conducted the
Swim Call.

This picture was taken as My Bride and I celebrated our twenty-fifth
Wedding Anniversary in October 1997.  I did not want to appear as
a tired mature male so I had my hair permed for this event.
Alan as of 24 August 2013 modeling the same
swim suit that I wore for the Swim Call in the Mediterranean in
1971.  I acquired this Catalina Suit in April 1971 prior
to the USS Sellers deployment at the U. S. Navy Exchange
in Charleston, SC for the sum of $16.00.  It was on sale and
I suspect that no one else wanted it.  I am very content in the fact that
I can still wear this Swim Gear now some 43 years later.
This backstory of this Blog Post is that during our recent Holiday Trip to visit Family, Friends and Former Shipmates the life of Alan became an interesting topic.  Of course this was most likely spurred on by the comments of my Youngest Son who is always ready to relate an interesting story about his Dad.  Thus this post.  Some did not believe that I could still wear the same swim attire now that I did in 1971.  The pictures here prove that I can.  Additionally, some did not believe that I would have ever permed my hair.  The picture here proves that I did.

Even if I say so myself, I am well blessed with good health and the ability to appreciate humor and even laugh at myself as stories are retold about my past.  Have a Great Day!!!

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