Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Georgetown, Illinois
Honoring Their Heroes

Earlier today I discussed my Holiday Travel from Paris, Illinois through Georgetown to ultimately get to my goal of Northeast Iowa to visit my Siblings, other Family Members and Friends.  As I traveled through Georgetown, Illinois I was impressed with the display of their concern for their Heroes.  Each Street Post had three U. S. Flags along with two Plaques which contained the Name and Branch of Service of a Hometown Hero along with the message "Bring Them Safely Home."

What a wonderful tribute to their Heroes.  I proceeded to stop at a Cassey's Store to learn more about this display.  I was informed that a Grand Dad to one of the local Heroes started the project.  The attendant at the Store did not know much more.  As I prepared to post this entry today I learned  that Georgetown had a population of 3,474 during the 2010 census.  What a wonderful display for such small town.  It also displays their dedication to our great United States.  While I did not count the light poles I would estimate that there was at lease fifty local Heroes Honored with this Display in Georgetown.  

Maybe I get very emotional when I view such displays, but I would quickly state, that this is what every American should do.  Honor America and Her Heroes each and every day.  The Folks in Georgetown, Illinois are certainly setting a wonderful example.  No one can miss this display as they travel through Georgetown.  As they say in the U.S. Navy when something is accomplished in an Excellent Manner - "Well Done!!! to the People who make this display possible.

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