Saturday, August 03, 2013

Forest Hill Road Project
Macon, Georgia

Many years ago, more than I care to remember there evolved a scheme to improve the travel conditions from North Macon to The Macon Mall which is abreast of Eisenhower Parkway.  The scheme also included Park Avenue off of Vineville Avenue and if I recall correctly improvements to Napier Avenue and maybe even Edna Place to eliminate the traffic jams of shoppers traveling to The Macon Mall.

Well, most of us know that since this project was developed we have witnessed the new Shopping Meca known as the Shoppes at Riverside developed.  Riverside Drive has been improved,  with it now more commonly known as the Riverside Autobahn,  has been constructed to help shoppers travel to the new Mall, which is not really a Mall, but some among us call it a Mall.  

Yet there are those among us that feel that the Forest Hill Road Project must be done as planned many years ago..  Admittedly this well traveled roadway does now need some improvements; but as I have read recently it does not need to be five, six and even seven lanes at various spots to improve the traffic flow.

I would suggest that such a grand project, once complete, would become an "albatross."  For those who may not know, the term albatross is sometimes used metaphorically to mean a psychological burden that feels like a curse.  

From my limited point of view, we do not need an albatross in the Bibb/Macon road scheme.  It is my understanding that some government officials, which I hope have been duly elected to represent "We The People" will be voting once again on the grand scheme for the Forest Hill Road Project.

No problem, some may say; however, I have fond memories of attending a West Macon Parkway Meeting at Springdale Elementary School at least seventeen years ago.  The West Macon Parkway scheme, if I recall correctly was developed to improve the vital road infrastructure to eliminate the major congestion from Eisenhower Parkway to Riverside Drive, extended.  It was to improve the roads we now know at:

Fulton Mill Road
Heath Road
Tucker Road
Foster Road
Bass Road

While I am not a traffic/road expert I do know that the West Macon Parkway as proposed would serve a useful purpose.  We now have a plethora of Schools (private and public) on this corridor as well as at least fifteen Church Organizations on this proposed Parkway as well as many Church facilities within a mile on either side of this route.

Therefore, it is my humble opinion, and yes, I do know the definition of opinion, that an improved Forest Hill Road Project is indeed necessary, however I also believe that our limited financial resources could better serve the citizens of Middle Georgia if the West Macon Parkway as discussed above was actually completed.

I would suggest that we really do need the West Macon Parkway more than a major road network on the Forest Hill Road corridor.  Yes, improve Forest Hill Road, but keep the project within the reasonable limits of what is really needed.  As I see it, our funds would best serve, and I say again, by expending them on the road infrastructure that most would agree with me is essential, or even vital to Middle Georgia.  

I reside in the area of the West Macon Parkway and am totally aware of the traffic flow on any school day as citizens transport their Scholars to and from the aforementioned Education Facilities that abound in West Bibb County.  Then, also consider the major influx of citizens attempting to travel to the various Football Facilities during the Fall Sports Season.

I could go on, but I think that you and I will agree that we should all work to expend our funds where it will indeed provide the most beneficial impact for all of us.

Thank You for taking the time to read this rather long post.  Continue to have a Blessed Weekend.

Sincerely,  The Flower Child

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