Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beans, Budweiser and Corn

As I traveled North on Illinois Highway 1 a few weeks ago during the early morning just after Sunrise I observed the standing fields of Corn and the Beans also flourishing in the neat and well kept fields.  In fact the Farmers keep the grass along the side of the Highway mowed so that one could view the crops without any interference.  It was a scene straight out of a Robert Wood Painting.  The morning traffic was very light.  In fact I do not recall anything except a Budweiser Transport traveling South on his appointed rounds for the day.  This was the scene just North of Paris, Illinois as I was traveling toward Georgetown.  

After giving this scene appropriate contemplation I asked My Bride to make a note of Beans, Budweiser and Corn just North of Paris, Illinois.  She quickly ascertained that I had a Blog Post in my mind.  This this post today.  Here I was traveling in the heart of America.  The Breadbasket of the World and the priorities for the situation fell into place.

Work hard and keep the fields looking good and enjoy sometime relaxing with your fellow Farmers, Family and Neighbors.  It does not get any better than that.

This is America and it is My Desire as I publish this to ask God to continue "To Bless Us All."

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