Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012 Corn Crop Report
Clayton County Iowa

Everyone knows that I was born and raised in Iowa.  During a recent visit to my Siblings and other Relatives My Bride captured several images of Corn Fields.  The first two pictures were taken on 9 July 2012.  The crop looks very healthy and the Farmers were hoping for much needed rains so that the ears could mature.

 Then in late July 2012 a severe wind storm and hail caused a lot of damage to these same fields.  It must be stated that the following pictures were taken from different viewpoints; but are within one half mile of the first two above.

I have been informed by my relatives that the corn is down, but the stalks are not broken, thus there will not be much relief from crop insurance. 

My Nephew has had his combine fitted with special equipment to assist in the harvest. 

I post this Blog Entry today to let my readers here know that while the price of corn is currently high, it is because of the dry situation in a majority of the corn belt and also the damage to the crop caused by storms such as the hail and winds which caused this destruction on Kale Avenue, Clayton County Iowa.

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