Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"We Can Do Better"
I took the opportunity to watch the Republican Convention broadcast last evening.  I took notes and was able to appreciate the "one line comments" of several of the speakers.  I was most impressed with the presentations by several Governors who told of the success they had achieved in their respective states concerning balanced budgets, education and employment opportunities - read  - job creation.

One of the speakers reminded everyone that he believed that "We can handle the truth."  I would certainly agree.  Most of us know that we cannot continue spending money we do not have.  Soon we will find ourselves in the same situation as Greece.  Not a very nice situation.

As I listened to the various speakers I quickly recalled an adage that I have heard very often in recent years.  "Hello, I am from the government and I am here to help you!!!"  While we laugh at this comment it certainly has some element of truth. 

One speaker reminded us that "Freedom" is the bedrock of our founding fathers.  For the most part the original settlers to our country left Europe in quest of "Freedom."  It was also acknowledged that with about one half of our citizens dependent on the U.S. Government it is quite possible that soon we will all be searching for the "Freedoms" that allowed our United States of America to the the great Nation we all have enjoyed.

I recall hearing a few comments concerning the fact that the Republicans were not very respectful of women.  I heard that during the current President's term we have actually saw a decrease in employment opportunities for women. 

One speaker, a former Presidential Candidate reminded us all that there are three milestones to be met/accomplished so that our citizens can be a successful society.  They are:

Hard Work

By completing these milestones we can all live the American Dream.  A life of Liberty and Freedom. 

All listeners were challenged with this question:  "Is the current situation in Greece what we want for our United States of America?"  I would suggest, is the situation in Greece what we have labored for and want to pass on to our yet unborn Grandchildren?

Another speaker encouraged us to remember.  Remember what we all desire for the future of our United States!!!!!   We cannot continue in the manner that we have in the last three and one half years and hope that more of the same will improve our situation in life.  Much less improve our situation in the in the World, or our status in the World. 

We were all encouraged to "Remember Who You Are!!"  We then heard this phrase:  "Remember Who We Are!!"  By remembering we can also look forward to the future.  "We The People" voted in 2008 for the Hope and Change for the Future.  We all know how that worked out for us.  So in 2012 we have the opportunity to prepare for the future with this statement which can be achieved in November of this year.

"2012 Mistake Corrected!!"

I was very much impressed when the Governor of South Carolina informed us that "We Won" and that "Boeing Won," as regards the attitude of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and their efforts to keep Boeing out of South Carolina.  

Ann Romney spoke and advised us all that "Love" was a key word in the lives of us all.  Her testimony regarding the Republican Candidate for President of the United States of America allowed us all to appreciate the fact that he is a Candidate who is first of all a successful business leader who has dedicated his life to growing the economy, but also is a caring Husband who supported his Spouse through three major crisis.  In summary, not only does he Love his Wife and Family, he loves his Country to the point that he is ready to be the Leader we need now!!!!

The statement by Mrs. Romney that summed up the current election cycle for me was something like this:  "We are not dumb enough to not know there are better answers!!"

The final speaker of the evening informed us that:

I am a New Jersey Republican!
Washington D.C. is out of Excuses!!
Regarding his Mom - "I Am Her Son!!!
At Times "No" is Required!!!!

Like the other Governors who addressed the Convention he also has achieved success in balancing the budget and improving the employment opportunities in the State he governs.  He concluded this portion of his speech with this remark:  "We Did It!!!!!"

Each of these Governors reminded us that now is the time for these concepts to be implemented in Washington D.C.  The Republican Candidate has the Leadership Skills and the Background of Experience to actually do these things necessary to keep the United States of American from emulating the current situation in several countries in Europe. 

The most critical statement I heard during the entire evening was this:

"Real Leaders Change Polls!"

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