Thursday, August 30, 2012

"We Can Change It!!"

I also viewed the principal speakers on Day Two of the Republican Convention.  Today I will share what I consider high lights of each.

Our Former Secretary of State made this statement:  "We Do Not Have a Choice - You can not Lead from Behind!!" I especially appreciated this statement:  "Peace Comes Through Strength."  "It does not matter where you came from, but where you are going!"  Regarding why people from all lands strive and often struggle to come to the United States she stated:

"People come here to make a decent wage!"

She then cited her own experience of a young lady in  Birmingham, Alabama and how the Jim Crow Crow laws during her youth prevented her Parents from taking her to Woolworth's for a Hamburger.  Her goal was to become the President of the United States.  She reflected on that fact and while she did not achieve her goal, she did become the Secretary of State.

The next speaker was the Governor of New Mexico.  She spoke briefly about achieving the American Dream.  Her own parents without a vast sum of funds founded a Security Guard Company.  As an 18 year old female she was one of their first employees.  Today they have over 125 employees in three States.  She boldly told us all:  "My Parents Did It!"  Like the speakers during day one of the Convention, she informed us that when she became Governor of New Mexico there was a deficit and with an appropriate focus and effort the state now has a surplus.  This was achieved with No Tax Increase!!!  She concluded her speech with the statement that "Success is the American Dream."  Her parents achieved it with hard work and she also achieved success.

The concluding speech of the evening was by Vice President Candidate, Paul Ryan.  First of all he accepted the Nomination of the Delegates to the Convention.  He quickly informed everyone that the Goal of the Romney-Ryan Ticket is "To Get This Country Working Again!"

His presented this question to the Convention and who were viewing the Speech:

"Without a change in Leadership, how can we expect a change during the next four years?"

"The greatest threat to Medicare is Obamacare."  Our current administration is much like a ship trying to sail on yesterday's wind. 

From my point of view the most interesting and also a bit humorous part of his speech was when he discussed the twenty year old College Graduate who was currently living in his Childhood Room and looking at the ceiling at the faded Obama Posters because it is not possible to obtain employment in the field in which they studied."  - or words in that manner.

"We deserve a better Country than one where everything is free, except us!!!!"

He concluded his speech with this Pledge: 

"We Will Lead!!"
As I compose this Blog Post today I am also taking the time to reflect on the manner in which the speakers addressed the Convention.  All three that I heard made their statements in a calm manner, however in a matter of fact manner.  The tone and demeanor of the speakers was appreciated and also displayed the care and also compassionate attitude that they each had for the future of the "United States of America."

I certainly feel that the theme of day two "We Can Change It" was well presented in an effective manner. We have certainly heard appropriate examples of how Republican Governors have already implemented this mantra.

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