Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Reiman Gardens
Ames, Iowa

These gardens have seasonal displays.  For the Summer of 2012 they had a series entitled Nature Connects sub-titled "Some Assembly Required." 

 41,242 Lego Pieces

 These "Building Blocks of Life" are a display of a journey deep inside a livign cell where one could find out what makes most living things tick.  These are Protein Chains.

 The Bison consist of 45,143 Lego Pieces
The Calf is constructed of 16,229 Pieces

 The Lily Bloom consist of 1,675 Pieces
The Lily Pad is !0,598 Pieces
 This Lawnmower is 13,704 Pieces

 It took 575 Pieces for each of 5 Goldfinch Birds dining here

 27,497 Pieces to make a Garden Worker

 This Acorn Seedling took 15,581 Pieces

 This Koi took 1,937 Pieces

 This Hummingbird and Flower took 31,565 Pieces.
This structure was the cover for the 2012 Visitor's Program.

 No Garden Display would be complete without a Fox to chase the Rabbits away.
This Fox took 17,547 Pieces.

Here you see My Bride and I alongside our Host for this Visit to Reiman Gardens.  We visited our Friends in Altoona, Iowa for several days while we enjoyed the Des Moines area.  You will note that each of us males is wearing a USS Ranger (CVA-61) T-Shirt.  We both are Iowa Boys who served in this great warship during a 1963 Western Pacific Deployment.  We did not know each other at that time; but we have connected via the Ranger Reunion Association.

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