Thursday, August 02, 2012

Travel to the Holy Land
(a.k.a. Iowa)
Summer 2012

 During our recent trips to Iowa to visit my relatives and friends we have developed the habit of stopping in Paducah, Kentucky.  Paducah is at the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers and is a town steeped in History.  It also has several delightful Coffee Shops which we also enjoy.

The picture above shows the Visitors Center.

 This is a street view in the heart of the Historic District of Paducah, KY. 

 In addition to being a River town, Paducah is also known for it's history involving Railroads.  Here is a close up shot of a Steam Engine.

 The Levee on the East End of Paducah has a series of paintings on the panels that protect the City from Flooding.  The picture above is an artist viewpoint of what the "Louis and Clark Expedition" may have looked like.  Notice the Keel Boat which was 55 feet long.

 An Historic Structure in downtown Paducah, Kentucky.  Once we depart Paducah we usually have to pay quick visit to Metropolis, IL to visit Superman. 

Here you have the opportunity to view this Blog's Author and his Bride.  We are grateful that a fellow tourist took this picture.

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