Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Reiman Gardens
Ames, Iowa
Summer 2012 Visit

 During my recent visit to Iowa we took the opportunity to visit Reiman Gardens.  These Gardens are an enchanting, 14 acre garden with new displays annually.  These pictures are from my visit to the Exotic Butterfly Exhibit.  The above butterfly was constructed using 37,481 Lego pieces.
 I did not ask the attendant for the names of each of these Butterflies, however I did place my Camera on "rapid shoot" so that I could acquire these images.

The Butterfly exhibit is inside a Tropical Conservatory.  To enter you must go through a chamber with both doors closed.  Once inside the chamber the door to the conservatory is opened so that you can then observe the Butterflies.  To exit you go to another series of doors to a chamber where you are checked for butterfly hitch hikers before you exit the Conservatory.

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