Friday, August 10, 2012

$3.45 9/10

These were the numbers that I viewed today as I approached my normal refueling station here in Macon, Georgia.  This was the price for the "regular" grade; which my transportation uses.  I am glad I do not have to acquire the higher grades of fuel.

So my question today is:

What is a citizen of the United States to do?  We have a government that appears to not want to assist the citizens.  The government will not let a pipe line across our Mid-
West be constructed.  This pipe line has the potential to assist in the reduction of fuel prices in the United States of America. 

I simply do not understand our government!!!   I was always led to believe that our Government exist to serve the People.  We The People versus some special interest group.  I suspect that the majority of our citizens would like and also appreciate a reduction in the price of fuel. 

I know that I would.  I suspect that our Nation's Farmers, the very people that produce the food stuffs that everyone enjoys and also requires  would also appreciate a reduction in fuel prices.  After all, if the cost of production of food products increases it stands to reason that what most of us acquire at the local Market will also cost us more.  It appears to me that higher cost of everything will be passed on to the customer if fuel prices are not allowed to decrease if and when we are allowed to produce more fuel within the United States of America.  I can not understand our government.  You would think that with the 2012 Presidential Elections approaching very soon that our government would seek to help the people versus the current wave of "dirty commercials" we are being flooded with.  But then, some would say that it is politics.

A far more civil approach would be to govern with the goal of helping the citizens of this great country to enjoy life.  Maybe I was raised incorrectly, and maybe my approach reeks of common sense; however I would suggest that we need to see a downward trend in the price of fuel or we all, each and everyone of us will suffer because food and clothing will cost more.  For those who most likely point to the fact that our current government is assisting those who need help are getting it; I would counter with the reply that what happens when everyone runs out of resources (read funds to support the government give aways to the poor)?

Not a very bright future!!!!!

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