Thursday, August 09, 2012

Melissa Fay Greene

A few months ago I attended a Central High School, Macon, Georgia Book Club event.  The evening featured non-fiction author Melissa Fay Greene who was born in Macon but now resides in the Atlanta, Georgia.

She has written five books and I have just finished the last one I could acquire through the Library System.  "there is no me without you," which is a compeling, dynamic book about HIV/AIDS.  While it is very informative concerning the AIDS Crisis it is also a heart warming book focused on the lives of several individuals who played very crucial roles in bring this Crisis to the attention of World Leaders. 

You can learn more about this talented Author by visiting her Web Site:

Once you arrive at this Web Site you can click on the "Books" tab and learn more about each one.  She is currently working her sixth book entitled "Wonder Dog."

A recent New York Times article gives some insight into the "Wonder Dog" story.  You can read it here:

You can be confident that I will be reading this book once it is published.

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