Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obama - 2016

I just returned from viewing this Movie.  I can now understand why our President has done what he has done.  He has been motivated by the influence of those who mentored him in College and since his Graduation from College.

This film documents the individuals who mentored him and their own individual goals.  In short his mentors have influenced him enough that our President desires "Socialism" as the ultimate goal for our United States of America.

His developmental years were influenced by the "evil" impact of Capitalism.  Thus he has worked to eliminate Capitalism in the United States of America.  The movie also points out that "Capitalism" is the only system of government that will survive in the future.  Several developing formerly "third world" countries were cited.  If I recall correctly, China was one of these countries.

The dynamic ending of the Movie challenged each viewer to do something about our current situation.  If we continue and relect our current President we will have an even higher national debt and it will then only be a matter of time until our United States of America will be another Greece.

Not a pleasant outlook; however we can work to solve the problem.  Also near the end of the Movie it was carefully explained that our current President wants to drastically reduce our number of Nuclear Weapons so that the balance of power will essential be equal with or even inferior with other potential world powers. 

So much for the concept that "Peace through Power" which was the concept that our Nation followed in the past and resulted in the end of the Cold War of the past century.

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Alan said...

I just received these comments from a dear friend of mine:

Not only was Obama influenced by his college teachers - - he didn't grow up in the US. He was influenced by the people of Indonesia more so than by anyone in the US. His Mom was a flaming socialist who became the second, or third, wife of a Communist. As I have been saying since the Spring of 2008, the President has no connnection with American culture. I don't care if he is listed as being born on Mars, he was not in the US during the formulative years of his life.

I also was fascinated by the part in the movie that explained the obvious to all of us Southerners. The US has this overwhelming guilt concerning the Blacks of this country. Therefore, we as individuals, and as political entities, go out of our way to "prove" that we aren't prejudiced against Blacks. The Blacks have learned how to use this guilt to get numerous political concessions.

In my opinion, and in the words of Mark Twain, there were a couple of stretchers in the movie. The main one being on the map of the world showing the numbers of nuclear warheads. It shows N. Korea with 90. There is no one in the DoD that I've ever came across that would spot N. Korea more than 3 - 5 warheads at this time.

One other issue that begs more discussion is what the heck is the guy, Ayers I think was his name, doing teaching at an American university if he carried out bomb attacks as a Weather Underground terrorist in the '60s and '70s?

All in all it is a thought provoking movie and worth watching. The charge is the same for Republicans and Democrats. No freebies here.