Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Macon Historic Home Relocation
Project Update

You may recall last October 2011 when three homes were relocated from Coleman Avenue near Mercer University to make way for a Student Housing Complex.  I have been following the renovation of these three historic homes in their new location on Oglethorpe Street.

Today, August 7, 2012 I took these pictures.  You will note that all three houses have the piers in place to support the dwellings.  Work on the solid foundation walls is also in progress as well as the site grading at the rear of these houses, which will allow the placement of garages.

I visit this project quite often and will provide a photographic update when progress is visible.  I did have the opportunity to discuss this project with Josh Rogers this morning after I took these pictures.  He happened to be walking his dog and I suspect also checking on the progress.  We both acknowledged that this project will be complete when it is finished. 

As with most blog images, if you desire to see any of these pictures in larger format simply click on the image/s.

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