Sunday, September 15, 2013

Alan's First Year of 4-H Club Work
I joined 4-H as an eleven year old Farm Kid in Clayton County, Iowa.  My Brother and I joined at the same time.  Today I commence a series of Post which will feature my 4-H Club Projects.  This will be a report of My first Year.

We kept records of our projects each year.  The above snap shot is of my first project.  I will quote My 4-H Story for the Year 1952.

"My pig project started the 1st of April.  Because this is  my first year in 4-H I started my project after weaning time.  I had my pig in with dad's swine.  On the day of our tour I had it in a separate pen.  The end of my project was Aug 15 when I sold the pig.  I made $18.43 after the feed was paid for.  I would have taken my pig to the fair but because of the new sickness I could not.  Among the things I learned are as follows:

  • How to judge sheep
  • How to trim holfs of cow
  • To be more friendly
I joined the Jefferson Go-Hawks Feb 4 and at that meeting I entered the Dairy Heifer Contest.  At the next next meeting our Leader Alphonse W. Miller read a letter from Pfister Co.  It said that any boy or girl could have 5 1/2 lb seed corn free if he would plant it and when It was ripe pick the best ears and show them at the corn show.  I took one sample.

                                                                                                                                                   The end

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