Thursday, September 05, 2013

Male Sibling Day
8 August 2013

Every year when I visit the Great Upper Midwest, my birthplace (a.k.a. The Holy Land) in Iowa my Sibling Brother John and I spend a day of "Windshield Farming" as well as touring what ever we may decide as we go about our travels.  In addition to enjoying the rolling hills filled with fields of corn and soybeans we also visited Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

In this city there is a park alongside the Mississippi River.  We took the opportunity to capture some photographs of each other.  

My Brother is very proud of his service in the USS Long Beach (CGN 9) as testified by this license plate on his pickup.  He like his older Sibling (myself) drives a red pickup.

No travels in Northeast Iowa avoid the place of my birth way back
in 1940.  This brick home is on a 160 acre farm near Clayton, Iowa.
My Sibling and I enjoyed our day in each other's company.  Thank You John for being the tour guide and also hosting the delightful lunch at Culvers.  

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