Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Banana Splits
Across America
Ever since the Flower Child (a.k.a. Alan) was in High School in Garnavillo, Iowa he has had a passion for Banana Splits.  While in High School he would save his Lunch Money for a week at a Quarter a day to buy a Banana Split at Thoma's Dairy Bar in Garnavillo on Friday.

Well, he has not lost his love for Banana Splits.

I had started the consumption of this Split
on July 26, 2013 in Blue Ridge, Georgia when
My Bride determined that she should take a
picture.  This Split covered the Dinner Plate and
it only cost $5.25.  It was a filling meal without the
benefit of any other food.  

For Alan, Ice Cream is a basic food item.  This clearly shows
that Ice Cream is essential for the good life.  I always enjoy
the opportunity to consume this dessert.

While on Holiday on August 7, 2013 I, as well as My Bride,
one of My Sisters and a Sister-In-Law visited a Family owned
Dairy in Waukon, Iowa.  In addition to great Ice Cream selections
they also have a full range of Cheese Products.  We all enjoyed
the opportunity to consume Ice Cream as well as view
the production rooms behind glass walls.

It was a wonderful Summer and you can be certain that I will continue to  enjoy Ice Cream products at every opportunity to consume this wholesome dairy product.

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