Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dine in or carry out only!

This morning I was reading my issue of "The Telegraph" as I normally do with my morning coffee and breakfast.  I was reading the "Praise Dates" and was focused on the Workshops/Other Events section.

The one entitled Spaghetti Dinner caught my eye.  I will quote it here:

"5-8 p.m. Sept 28.  Gordon Woman's Clubhouse, 110 College St. Gordon.  Plates are $7.  Dine in or carry out only."

The last line caused me to consider the impact of the statement.  Are there other options other than "Dine in or carry out."    If there were no other options why was the word "only" placed in the article?

I would like to know what the other option/s were.  Can anyone tell me?  Place your comment in the appropriate section below.  As Ever, The Flower Child.

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