Friday, September 27, 2013

"Best is yet to come"

I can still recall this headline on page 1A of The Telegraph which was delivered to my driveway on Wednesday, November  7, 2012.

We all learned that Obama wins second term.  As I read my The Telegraph this morning, September 27, 2013 I was shocked to learn that the Medical Center of Central Georgia is expecting a 30 million dollar shortfall in the upcoming fiscal year.  They have already laid off 50 employees.  The article went on to say that 100 employees at Emory in Atlanta will be laid off. 

Buried in the Article today was the statement that the situation is a direct result of passage of the "Affordable Care Act" which some know as "Obama Care."

Just think what the impact will be as we move into full implementation of this "Affordable Care!!!"  What is and will be the impact in 2014 for the Health Care Providers and the Hospitals?  

Just a few thoughts from the Flower Child as we move out into uncharted territory.  What can we expect in the future?

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