Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Iowa State Fair
14 August 2013
You may recall where I recently posted about three Sailors who served in the USS Ranger (CVA-61) in 1963 and how they all gathered at the home of their Shipmate in Altoona, Iowa for a Mini-Ranger Reunion.  Fourteen August was the date we set aside for a Field Trip (Known as Liberty in the U. S. Navy) to the Iowa State Fair.  We also took our spouses to this educational and fun event.

For this Blog Poster, Alan it also was a trip down Memory Lane.  He last attended the Iowa State Fair in 1956 when he participated in the 4-H Jersey Competition.  The visit on 14 August 2013 was the second time to visit this Fair.  Enjoy the pictures!!
This was the view as we approached the Agricultural
Show Building.  The pumpkin weighed 908 pounds.
A model of the famous Butter Cow!
Once inside the Agricultural Building we had
the opportunity to view many, many displays.
We arrived in the early morning so there was not much
of a line to visit the "Butter Cow" which is behind glass in
a cool stall!!
When I attended High School in 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957 and
1958 I was a proud member of the Future Farmers of
America (FFA) so I took the opportunity to be
photographed in this set up which was a take off
of the famous "Grant Wood" painting.

This is the group that was involved in the Iowa Mini-Ranger
Reunion in August 2013.  Sailors from left to right are:
Pete, Marv and Alan.  Of course our spouses are right in
front of us.  We all enjoyed the opportunity to visit the "Great Iowa
State Fair."

This is the Livestock Show Ring where I also showed a Jersey
Heifer in 1956.  I had to visit this structure.  It was a trip down
memory lane.  
My Bride had to take this picture.  What a joyful event to
capture in a photo.  This visit to this ring was very emotional for

As I departed the ring I had to capture this sign carved in the
facade of the Building.  "Stock Pavilion."

This picture as well as the next one displays the Iowa 4-H
Photography Contest.  I would estimate that this Contest had
over 2000 entries.  I enjoyed this exhibition.

Army Recruiting had a fabulous display.  All three of us
USS Ranger Sailors visited this display.  We were informed
that we were too old for any possible Army Service.
The Elwell Family Food Center has a display area that
measures 150 feet by 50 feet.
There are Six Rooms with food competitions conducted
each day of the fair.  This is the scheme for Room 1.

This Animal Learning Center had displays of baby pigs that had just been
born as well as chickens hatching.  A perfect place for a non-farm kid to
learn where their food comes from.  Of course Farm Kids see these
events every year.
I had to take this picture of Pete and His Bride with the
2013 Iowa State Fair Sign in the Background.  Pete and His Bride
traveled from Pittsburg, PA to see first hand the Famous Iowa
State Fair.

Click on the arrow to see a brief video of a Electric Power Generator in use at the Iowa State Fair.  I hope you enjoyed the Iowa State Fair as I saw it.  It was a wonderful trip down Memory Lane.  I could have spend several days visiting this Attraction.  As a former Iowa Farm Kid I, of course, am extremely proud of my Iowa Farm Kid Heritage.

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Rachel Fishback said...

So glad you could make it back to the wonderful Iowa State Fair and reminisce! Rachel Fishback, Washington, Iowa