Monday, September 16, 2013

Washington Navy Yard
Alan's Duty Station
Aug 1964 - Oct 1966

I was assigned to Naval Command System Support Activity
(NAVCOSSACT) Building 196.  This structure was formerly the
factory that manufactured the 16 inch gun barrels for the Battleships
of our Navy.  It is the red brick building with only windows
visible on the fourth floor.  It sits aside a low white structure near
the right end of this picture.  The bottom side of this picture is 11th Stree
I purchased these two pictures from the Department of the Navy about 20 years ago when I first developed the concept of doing a Scrap Book of my entire Navy Career. I believe these pictures were taken some time after I was stationed at the Washington Navy Yard.   After I reenlisted in 1966 I was guaranteed Shore Duty In London, England for three years.  I have fond memories of my duty in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Navy Yard.  
When I was first assigned to NAVCOSSACT I was a single Sailor and
I lived in Barracks 166, which is in the middle of the right end of this
picture.  It is build of brown bricks.  It also looks like an "H" on the
previous picture.  The bottom of this picture is the waterfront.

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