Friday, September 13, 2013

Hannibal, Missouri
August 17, 2013

If you have been following this Blog recently you will know that My Bride and I have been visiting in Iowa.  On August 17, 2013 we traveled to Saint Louis, Missouri to visit our Youngest Son and His Family.  We are indeed creatures of habit so we stopped in Hannibal for a lunch at our usual stop, the Mark Twain Family Restaurant which claims to be "Hannibal's hometown restaurant since 1942."

We found this establishment a few trips to the Midwest years ago so it is now our habit to stop here for Lunch.

After Lunch we took a few moments to visit the Water Front on the West Bank of the Mississippi River.

A Mark Twain Monument.

This sign records the record flood of 1993.

Visitors to the Mark Twain Monument.

This is a Packard 400.  A very nice automobile from the 1956 era
when I was a sixteen year old farm kid.  My parents had a 1949
Packard Clipper, which is the car that I took my driver's license
test in.  Of course it was a four door sedan because my Family
consisted of Mom, Dad and five Siblings.  We could all fit
very well in the Packard.  Just in case you are interested, the mantra
and advertising slogan for the Packard Motor Car Company was:
"Ask the Man who Owns One."

Of course no visit to Hannibal and Mark Twain country would
be complete without including a view of the Mississippi River.
After this stop in Hannibal we proceeded to Saint Louis for a few days of relaxing with our Son and His Family.  We knew that our Holiday of 2013 was soon going to end.

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