Thursday, September 05, 2013

Memories of the Past
While in Prairie du Chien my Brother and I took the opportunity to also visit memories of the past.  Here is a series of images that I hope you will enjoy and also appreciate.

This is the entrance way to a pavilion that was a former Hotel and/or
a Warehouse and now in use as a Party/Meeting Place.

This is the back side of Villa Louis.  It was constructed on
a man-made hill to allow it to remain dry during the Spring
Floods of the Mississippi River.  This museum is about
300 yards from the River.

Of course, as Sailors we sought out "The Bar Car" only to
quickly learn that it was not open.

My Brother informed me that this Mississippi River
dredge was last used about five years ago.  It is anticipated
that this vessel will one day become a tourist attraction and/
or a museum.

I did not plan to capture the reflection of this dredge, however
I noted it as I prepared to publish this Post.

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