Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Third Year of 4-H
My project for the year involved sheep.  I have fond memories of how my Uncle, his Son, Milton traveled across Iowa one Fall Day to buy some Suffolk Sheep.  I purchased five ewes.  Four cost $27.00 each and the youngest one cost $30.00.

Four mature ewes with a Ram that I borrowed from my
Uncle.  I believe this was taken in the Fall of 1953.

I am on the left end of this picture.  I think this picture includes my
Sister, Thelma holding two lambs.

I believe I took this picture because from left to right the lambholders
are my Siblings, Vivian, Thelma and David.

Note the red border on this picture.  This picture was
taken near the sheep barn at the Clayton County Fair in
August 1954.  I received a red ribbon.
The lamb holders here are My Brother David, My Cousin Milton
and Myself.  I also received a red ribbon for this pen of
three market lambs.

I learned a lot during my first year with a sheep project.  I read all the literature that 4-H offered and while the four ewes had a total of 8 lambs born only 4 lived.  I also found the following comment in my 4-H record book and I quote:

"I get to have the sheep for helping my Father this club year."

Now I quote my 1954 4-H Story:

    "This is my third year in 4-H club work.  I find 4-H work very interesting.  This year I had four ewes for my project.  About two weeks after the lambs came I docked and castrated four lambs.  I tarted to creep feed them at about two weeks after they came.  I have them oats at first and switched them over to corn and oil meal.  For tour day I brushed them up.  Every day I tried to brush them.  I took a market lamb and a pen of three fat lambs to the Clayton County Fair in Aug.  I got two reds on my sheep.  I figure I did pertty good on my sheep fore this is the first year the ewes had lambs and It was the first sheep I ever took care of.  I learned a lot about sheep.  I plan tokeep up with sheep.  I also am planning on a Jersery calf next year.  Some of the things I learned are how to dock and castrate lambs, how to feed ewes before they have lambs, how to feed ewes after they have lambs.  I also learned how judge sheep on our club tour.
    I took a sample of seed corn.  I plan on taking it to the cornshow this fall.
    I also had a beef heifer.  I had her on grass all summer.  I did not take her to the fair.
                                                                                         The End
                                                                                         by Alan Thiese"

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