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Alan's Fourth Year in 4-H
I was a high school Freshman when this club year started.  My main project for my fourth year was Suffolk Sheep.  Please note the captions I included in my 4-H Record Book Pictures.

This is what Alan looked like between his
Freshman year of High School and his Sophmore year.

I attended the State Wide 4-H Short Course in June of 1955.
This was held at what we now know as Iowa State University
in Ames, Iowa.  I recall that it was known as Iowa State
College way back then.

This is my pen of three market lambs I entered in the Clayton
County Fair.  I received a Red Ribbon.  One of these
lambs competed in the Individual Market Lamb Contest.
I received a Blue Ribbon on the Market Lamb.  I suspect it is
the lamb that I am holding.  From left to right,
Myself, a fellow Club Member - Bob Walke and a fellow
High School Student - Merlin Marting.
I had just turned 15 in February of this Club Year.  I was still the slim Farm Kid and I enjoyed 4-H work.  I do not recall what I weighed, however I do know that I only weighed 132 pounds at age 21 1/2 when I joined the Navy in 1961.

Now "My 4-H Story for 1955."

     My name is Alan Thiese, this is my fourth year in club work.  I live on a farm near Guttenberg.  I am fifteen years old and will be a Sophmore in High School.
      This year I was elected Vice president of our 4-H club.  I was also our club's delegate to the Boys 4-H Short Course at Ames.  Both of these experiences taught me how to get along with other people better.  They also taught me how to be a leader.  Both of these experiences gave me a chance to get up in front of the club and talk.  My cousin Milton Borcherding and I have a team demonstration, "How Grass Conserves Soil and Moisture.  I also gave a demonstration on, "Creep for Lambs."  I attended the officers training school last November.  In June our club had its project tour.  When the club reached our place we judged my four lambs.  The highlight of my club year was the Clayton County Fair, which lasted four days.  I got a red and blue on my sheep.  On my F.F.A. Cane and Record Book I received two blues.
    My plans for my projects next year include a Jersey heifer, which will be registered.
    I am also a member of the Garnavillo F.F.A. Chapter, of which I am secretary.  My projects are a Gilt and Litter and some Sugar cane.  My Gilt is a registered Poland China.
      I am a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church of Guttenberg.
      In 4-H I had sheep for a project this year.  On January 20, the first lamb came, she got a blue ribbon as a market lamb a the fair.  This year as last year I borrowed my uncles ram to use.  Eight lambs were born, but the most discouring fact is that four died, leaving me with 3 ewes and one ram.  The ram I plan on selling for breeding purpouses.  At the fair on sale dday I sold my tow biggest ewes so I could by a Jersey calf.  Herbert Borcherding bought my ewes.  This coming year I will have six ewes.
    I think that this year was my best and most interesting year that I spent in 4-H club work.
                                                                           The End
                                                                                                   By Alan Thiese

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