Friday, March 08, 2013

Day Eight

 Class AA Boys Basketball Tournament - Macon, Georgia  These loyal fans of Bleckley County await the Championship Game on March 8, 2013.  Their team will play Greater Atlanta Christian.  The Bleckley County Royals wore purple gear.  

 The game saw many time outs and the Royals lead in the third period.  The game was an exciting game to watch.

 The photojournalist even had time to review their work during time outs.

Day Eight of the United States of America Sequestration.  The Georgia State Championship Basketball Games were held as scheduled.  The Georgia Public Broadcasting System broadcast the games and the entire State of Georgia was able to cheer for their teams, either in person or by viewing the television.

Retires even had the opportunity to capture action shots of an exciting game.  So my question today is:  How is this Sequestration thing working out for you? 

I realize that the focus is on the U. S. Military and that on bases everywhere their is a 20 percent reduction in hours worked.  I would suggest that you read my Sequestration Day Seven Post to see what this means!!!!

Somehow the numbers do not compute for this Blog Poster!!!!!

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