Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day Twenty-Seven
Just maybe the resolution of our current problems in the United States of America can commence if we as a Society acknowledge that we were founded on the principle of "Freedom of Religion," not "Freedom From Religion."

I happen to be a baptized Child of God.  I am content with my situation and appreciate what my Parents did for me so many years ago.  In face 73 years ago this past Sunday.

Most everyone acknowledges that there is a "God."  Even our U. S. Senate and our U. S. House of Representatives has an assigned "Chaplain."

It is my proposal today that our Elected Leaders uphold the laws that they swore to uphold when they took their respective "Oath of Office," and focus on what is essential for all of us "We The People."

I do believe that even our Declaration of Independence starts with words such as "We The People."

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