Saturday, March 02, 2013

Day Two

 I cannot recall a March Second where I had to wear a "Trapper Cap" to keep my ears warm!!!  Maybe the globe is not warming up!!!

 Anyway, I have a lovely Shamrock Plant in Bloom to ward away any bad luck!!!!   Actually My Bride received this last Thursday for her involvement in the Garden Club Organization here in Macon, Georgia.

 This Lenten Rose (Helleboros) reminds me of the season of the year leading up to Easter.  These lovely flowers are in bloom in abundance.  They have been in bloom this time of the year for many years.  Nothing has changed their schedule.

 These Forsythia Blossoms remind me that Spring is almost here.  They always bloom before the Cherry Blossoms show their beauty in Macon, Georgia.

I really do not know what these lovely plants are named.  But I do know that they bloom every Spring at this time.

I have not  noted any changes, yet we all have heard that Sequestration will change everything.  Retirees continue taking pictures.

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