Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day Twelve

The Vatican Gardens behind Saint Peters in Rome,
Italy.  I took this picture from the top of the dome of
Saint Peters while on Holiday in the late 1960s.

Saint Peters, the headquarters of the Roman
Catholic Church in Rome, Italy.
The 115 Cardinals are meeting in the
Sistine Chapel to select the new Pope.
I understand that they are Sequestered.

The Headquarters of the United States Government.
The Capitol, which houses our U.S. Senate and
our U. S. Representatives.
Maybe we should sequester these fine elected officials, all 535 of
them until they figure out how to resolve the debt and credit
issues facing our United States of America.
It would even be better if they operated under the
same mantra as the Cardinals in Rome.
White smoke when the duly elected Lawmakers
agree on a viable solution that will not
have a major impact on the future Citizens of our great
United States of America.

Yes, I know our future will be difficult when we consider the terrible debt we now have; however unless we face reality now and take drastic steps the future for our Children and even their Grand Children will be very bleek. 

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Alan said...

I understand that as of 2:53 P.M. Wednesday, 13 March 2013 that a new Pope has been named. In a bit more than 24 hours this has been accomplished by 115 electors.

Would it not be nice if our 536 duly elected Lawmakers/Leaders could accomplish what we elected them to do in days versus months of campaigning/posturing for the next election. Where has the concept of "Servant Leadership" gone?

We The People of the U. S. A., no matter what our religion or even no religion certainly deserve better than what we now witness on a daily basis.

Well Done to the Roman Catholics!!!!!