Friday, March 29, 2013

Day Twenty-Nine

For several days I have been focused on what can be done to eliminate/reduce the current financial crisis facing our United States of America.

Just this morning I read in my local print media how "Scotter ads face scrutiny from government, doctors."

The article indicated that in 2011 between 40 million to 80 million was expended for the purchase of Scotter Chairs by our U. S. Government.  I also learned that many are obtained for citizens and that the paper work cannot substantiate the actual need for such devices.

I know  that this is pocket change when it comes to reducing our governments expenditures, but a bit here and a bit there and soon we are talking about real money.

We have all heard of "Obamaphones" and did you know that some estimate that our government is expending over two billion dollars a year for this benefit.  While it is true that this is an ongoing program started in the 1980s, it is also interesting to know that many Obamaphone users increase the minutes available by paying for them.  If they can afford the extra minute, why did our government give them the phone in the first place.  You can learn more about this program by visiting:

I know, a mere 2.2 billion dollars a year does not seem like much, but again over time these expenditures do add up to real money.

Thus my suggestion for today:  I would suggest that our government take a very close look at the myrid of programs that use "Taxpayer and also borrowed money" to enable folks that in many cases have only one job.  Vote for the proper candidate who will allow them to continue their lavish lifestyle at the expense of those who work for a living!!!

There, I said it.

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