Friday, March 15, 2013

Day Fifteen

Sequestration has had no impact on the annual blooming of the Bradford Pear Trees here in Middle Georgia.  The pictures below prove that they are blooming on schedule.  

Also, every year the Medical Schools in the United States of America conduct a "Match" day on the Third Friday in March where the graduating class learns where they will spend their residency.  The government did not stop that annual event.  Flowers bloom on schedule and other major events have been happening with no impact from Sequestration.  Maybe our duly elected leaders are confused or are they attempting to confuse us Citizens? 

From my own point of view, it is our duly elected lawmakers and leaders who are confused!!!!!!
What is your viewpoint? 

I would encourage everyone who is able to get out this weekend and enjoy our God's Creation.  Have a Great Weekend!!!!   Meanwhile, this Retiree is still taking pictures!!!

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