Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Day Six

 This morning I checked my rain gauge here in West Bibb County Georgia.  It recorded .35 inches of rain in the previous twenty-four hours.  I get the impression that our rains will continue without Government management. 

 After I checked the rain gauge and collecting my morning newspaper I observed that the plants inside my home were still green.  I therefore can assume that they are continuing to produce oxygen for the benefit of all animal and people kind. 
 I cannot comprehend that our Government will cause all plant life to cease the production of oxygen.  I am confident that my house plants will continue the production of oxygen.  They only require that I water them about twice a week and once the Winter season is over I will also add some liquid fertilizer once a month.

This is but one room in my home where I have placed oxygen producing plants.  I am confident that the oxygen flows from room to room and that I will have a reliable source of this life essential element.  I am also grateful that water was provided to allow the sustainment of life on our Planet.

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