Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day Seventeen


I cannot recall a Cherry Blossom Festival Parade that I missed in all of the 31 years of the festival.  That stated I do wish I had stayed home today, March 17, 2013.  As usual I arrived well ahead of the parade time and placed my lawn chair on the curb near what is now known as the City Hall Annex.

Everyone maintained their position at the curb or behind those who arrived early.  That changed once the parade started.

As you can quickly see this adult moved a chair out onto
Cherry Street.  It did not take long for the Children to
emulate the move of this fellow citizen who did not consider
the impact on the view of others further along the parade route.
This is my view from the chair I had on the curb.

One more view from my chair.  As you can quickly
ascertain it was difficult to view the oncoming parade.

As the parade moved along there was one special
float that I desired to get a few pictures of.  I move directly in
front of the adult who had moved onto the street so
that I could get my pictures without the obstruction
of the people that did not show much consideration
for the parade viewers behind me or to my left.
After I took my shots I turned around to get
this picture of the individual who had moved out onto the
street thereby blocking the view for many other folks who
came to view the 2013 Cherry Blossom Festival Parade

Just as many are now forced to suffer the consequences of Sequestration, this individual did not display much consideration for other people attending the parade.  Our Lawmakers certainly are not displaying much consideration as they failed to do their assigned task for about the last five years.  What a shame that our Society has allowed such a sad situation.

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