Monday, March 18, 2013

Day Eighteen

For seventeen days I have pointed out the folly of this Sequestration because we in the United States of America do not have the money.  So what is new?  We have been spending at record amounts for several years now.  However the last four years and two months have been really sad.  We all know what is wrong. 

Starting today I hope to focus on some solutions.  First off, we expend large amounts for the removal/elimination of trash.  The picture today clearly displays the results of a shopping trip to a local food market.  They did not have paper bags today.  For those who are not informed, plastic does not degrade as quickly as paper.  Thus plastic adds to the "Land Fill Crisis" which is germane for many of our urban areas.  Where are we to put all this plastic stuff?

Paper does rot away.  Besides that, we have more trees in the United States of America than when Columbus discovered America.  How do I know, you ask!!!!!  I know for a fact, that while Columbus did not conduct a census of the tree canopy it is common knowledge that much of our great country was covered in grass and open plains.  In fact, I even read that fact in a book before the Internet was invented.  

We as a Nation, as a Society can reap great savings by using paper bags when marketing.  Even better, you can acquire cloth bags to bring home your food items, which is what I do.  Although this idea may appear to the average citizen as a small step as regards future savings, let me remind everyone that we have to start somewhere!!!

There are some in Government that see Sequestration as real.  I see it as an attempt to whip the citizens into believing that we have a financil crisis so that we will accept anything that our Current Rulers implement.  Again, a sad and sorry situation.  Solutions must be put into place, thus my comments today.

Together we can help, but following our current Leaders may be the cause of our current problems!!!  Just my thoughts on the matter.  We The People deserve better than to be treated like small minded children who are ready to accept what our Leaders shove on us.

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Anonymous said...

Flower Child,
Did you know that you can go a google search in the "Image" tab and enter "Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch" and view the large amount of plastic and other trash we have out there in the Ocean?