Monday, March 11, 2013

The Flower Child
as a
Young Iowa Farm Boy
in the

 Alan is on the far right with three of his siblings and a group of four Jersey Milk Cows at the Clayton County Fair.  I believe this was taken in 1957.

 Alan posing with a Sheep entry at the Clayton County Fair.  I think this was in 1955.

 Every year the Fair Association awarded a prize to the 4-H Club with the best barn decorations.  I took great pride in the fact that the Jefferson Go-Hawks took First Place during my time in the Club.  I was the person who developed the decoration schemes.

I know that this picture was taken in 1952 when I was a twelve year old 4-H Club Member.  That was the only year that both my Brother and I had Baby Beef Projects for the Clayton County Fair.  He had a female which he named "Mamie."   I had a steer  named him "Ike."  I suspect that you can determine who was the President when we had these projects. 

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